Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome to Focus on Finishing!

Welcome to the new-look Focus on Finishing blog!

This blog was originally set up in Wordpress, but posed a difficulty for stitchers and tutors wanting to contribute, as the Blogger platform is more commonly used than WP. Some pages, however, will remain within the original Wordpress blog, as they are maintained by me and WP is my preferred platform.

This blog was created as a resource both for stitchers who already enjoy finishing their own stitching creatively and want to develop and share their skills and also for those stitchers who would love to do so but don't know where to start.

It aims to be a place where you can learn new techniques, receive and give finishing help and advice and share pictures of your finished items with everyone.

It also aims to provide a centralised information resource of finishing techniques, with pages dedicated to both tutorial links and links to websites/online albums for inspiration.

We hope to continue to organise regular finishing classes where people can learn specific finishing techniques. All tutors who put together the tutorials do so on a voluntary basis, and I am indebted to their assistance in keeping this blog active by continuing to provide some high quality and wonderful tutorials for us all to enjoy and learn from. More information can be found on the Class/FAL schedule page.

When the blog first started back in February 2007 we tried to have regular FALs (Finish-A-Longs), where we set aside a certain time every week or month to finish up some of those stitched-but-not-yet-finished projects using any method. Unfortunately, there were no takers, so this was cancelled. If enough people would like to have a weekend set aside for finishing, I am happy to start the ball rollling once again.

If you wish to contribute to this blog as a poster rather than just a commenter, please email me (Anne) with your details (including the email address you use for Blogger posts) - I will then add you as a contributor so you can post your finished piccies etc.

When you post to the blog, please assign one or more relevant labels to your post. It is preferred the label should describe the type of finishing method you have used (eg Pinkeep, Bookmark, Biscornu, etc), and any personal details you wish to add. This means that all the posts will be searchable by category, thus making it easy to find all posts on the same subject. If there isn't a label available that is relevant to your post, feel free to create one. Please note that labels may be edited to ensure consistency and categories may be added to posts where necessary.

We would LOVE to see any finished items published to the blog where you have used our tutorials - this is a great motivation for other stitchers, as well as for the tutors that have taken their time to prepare their tutorials for your use.

Welcome again to the Focus on Finishing blog - I hope you enjoy your time here!


`yoyo said...

I have been following Focus On Finishing for quiet a while. Even though I've been stitching for something like 40 years, I do not know a lot of different techniques on finishing because I mostly have done pieces to be framed, so I use this blog quite often when I actually need to 'finish' something.

I recently looked up a cover for my address book on your blog. Even though I had done some years ago, I simply could not remember how to put it together. There was help, right there in Focus on Finishing. I also learned the Tuck Pillow and I'm getting ready to finish my Teresa Wentzler Needle Guardian, not her way, but according to the Focus on Finishing post of August 17th because I too keep my needles in their packets. I really want to thank you and all the volunteers who do the tutorials for maintaining this's helped me numerous times!!

Love the "new" blog -- and I vote for anything you can do to help me finish all the little items in my 'it's done but not done' pile. (LOL) A monthly FAL would be perfect for someone like me.

Melissa said...

Love the new blog look, Anne! :) Great job!

Mayté said...

The new blog's look is very nice!!

Gwen said...

Ladies, the blog looks wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work.

A FAL would be great. My pile keeps getting higher and higher.

Lelia said...

Just Beautiful Anne : )


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