Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Supply List - Pillow Finishing

Alright, everyone! It's time to gather up your supplies for a pillow finishing frenzy this weekend. I will be posting instructions on how to do either a small pillow, or a larger pillow with a flap back that you can use with a pillow form (and swap out throughout the year).

The supplies needed are pretty basic:
Stitched piece
Poly-fill stuffing or pillow form
Sufficient fabric for finishing your piece (depends upon your desired finished size) *
Sewing thread to match your fabric

Tools needed:
Sewing machine
Rotary cutter and ruler (not essential, but it sure makes everything easier!)
Sewing needle

* Notes on how much fabric to buy: A fat quarter is generally more than plenty to do a small pillow. For the larger pillow, you will need to measure your stitched piece and pillow form. For the front, you'll need to have enough fabric to cut 4 strips to get you to your finished size (leaving the seam allowance). You will also need enough for your back, with extra for overlap. If you have any specific questions, e-mail me and I'll try to help :)

Gather your supplies, your finished-unfinshed pieces of stitching, and get ready to have fun this weekend!

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